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by Chelsea Liley

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The online diary of a girl dedicated to understanding sex, love and relationships, herself and other human experiences. 

don't you know it's rude to read someone else's diary?
oh well... too late now
flick through the pages and let yourself get pulled in through the words... into a new world... where magic exists... and can be found in the light between the trees, through the veins of a body that breathes, and occasionally within bedsheets...
and read the ever-evolving story about a sassy Cinderelly who longs to meet her bad boy prince charming...
but found herself instead a pixie bestie in the shape of a Charming Princessy
...and a horse 
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who explores both the light and the dark of this world... the humanness of it all... the pleasure and the pain... the masc and the femme... the mind, body, soul... and the instinctual... the art, the erotic, the wild, the chaotic... and the spectrum of colours in-between the black & white
who wanders through fields of flowers where pixies play and beasties roam... where nudity is natural and silliness is serious business... where the surface of the void tempts you to dip your toes into the depths of the unknown... and where your shadow is your friend who beckons you in


whose own darkness is entwined with cotton-candy colours... who has journeyed into the darkest recesses of her mind, into the infinite abyss of her big feeling heart... and who holds out her hand for you to do the same...  who ultimately remembers that all of it - all of this... *gestures around vaguely*... this humanness... is not a Happily Ever After at all... but it is magic ✨
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so won't you meet me in the mud where the matrix meets the void and the flowers bloom best?
wait.. what the f*ck kind of fairytale is this?!

. . . mine bitches  (◠‿◕✿)

 welcome to                                   xxx

Want to know more about Cliterally, why I created her and what she means to me… then keep reading and get lost, swallowed whole in my words and ramblings, and let yourself through the eyes of magic. She is a hub where all my modalities and multifaceted pieces of me can coexist. An online entity dedicated to all the magical and mundane moments that make up the human experience. Because there’s a lot of them! And life is more than just sex, I’ll admit it. But… sex is also a big part of it as well, of being human. It’s how we’re made after all. And it impacts pretty much all facets of life, whether you realise it or not. Because what is the human experience? What does it mean to be human? What is the meaning of life? (ooft getting into the big questions already). We are born, we live, and then we die. So, where does that leave us… what do we do with the big chunky bit in the middle called living? Does that mean that life inherently has no meaning? Or is it more important the meaning you give to it and create with it? We are in essence just animals – over-evolved mammals with pre-frontal cortexes that have a penchant for anxiety, living in a society that creates and encourages depression. We are not inherently designed for the world we are living in. Living within the confines of post-industrial modernisation, capitalism, and patriarchal inclinations. And I won’t lie to you… I don’t have the answers on how to change the system or if there should even be a system at all. But what I do know, is that we as a species have forgotten the magic that is available to us even within the mundane… especially within the mundane. That life can be (and should be) our playground if we so choose to see it that way. That somewhere along the way we kinda screwed it up for ourselves, we became too intelligent and invented credit scores and capitalism and war when instead we could have created (and are creating) a world where humans can exist as the soft animals we are; lounging naked in the sunlight, eating fresh fruit, watching the juice run down your fingers, licking it off your salty skin, romping and revelling in pure hedonistic pleasure and delight of this life and this human experience. Simply because we can. That’s not to say it’s all love and light and orgies in fields of flowers. It’s not. It’s human experience – it’s a spectrum. It’s messy and life is hard. But it is also beautiful. There is no right and wrong or good and bad (to a degree at least), there is no light and dark, there is just the mess and chaos that it is to be a human. And all of you is welcome here. All parts of you are welcome here. The ‘good’ and the ‘bad’, the light and the dark, the soft and the strong, the masc and the fem. Because Cliterally is here to be dedicated to that, to the idea that humans have forgotten their inherent meaning, forgotten that we are both a feeling body as well as a thinking mind, that we are messy and chaotic and contradictory and still oh so beautiful. Dedicated to the idea that kids had it right all along, that we as adult humans have over-intellectualised ourselves, given ourselves a box and a prison to live in, a set of societal rules and expectations to live by. But is that living? Or has that just led to a pathologisation of what it means to be human. A reductive narrative of human experience based around mental dis-ease that has made pleasure and play redundant. That has made feeling redundant. One that tells the story of the 9-5, of rules and responsibilities, of meaningless and uninspiring realities, of feeling stuck and stagnant, of isolation with a lack of connection and community, without a turn of for life. And isn’t that the purpose of life… to be turned on for life? Well… I think so at least. Because I’m not here for that type of seriousness. The psychological world of cold and clinical diagnosis and pathologizing human existence isn’t for me. I’m here for the misfits, for those who feel they don’t fully belong to this world, for the rebels with a cause (because the cause is their own hearts and souls). An antidote to the world that we live in. Creating and chasing my own meaning, my own play and pleasure. And hopefully helping you to do the same, helping you to remember that pleasure and play and party are your birth right. And I don’t mean that in any innocently naïve or silly little club girl way… or maybe I do… but more so in a deeply reverent way - in a ritualistic, simplistic, and hedonistic way. Living life in the pursuit of pleasure, play and party; for life to be enjoyed, to be delighted by, to celebrate and revel in. And so Cliterally was born… to honour this side of the human experience. The story, the words and eternal wonderings of Chelsea Liley, a human being first and foremost, born a woman in this modern world, trying to create her own meaning and colour outside the lines. Sharing her story and her pleasures in the hopes it might inspire you to become curious and explore your own. Cliterally is sort of like the foreplay, right? The conversational lube for you to get to know her and her brain and her work, the prelude before you meet, a tantalising taste into the depths of her mind and her magic. Because she does view the world through a lens of magic. She does live life as though she’s in her very own personal fairy tale. Not your usual, everyday fairy tale of happily ever afters and pretty prink dresses (though she is that too), but of pixies and beasties, goblins and ghouls, the mischievous and sometimes downright devious, the light and the dark of humanity. The magic hidden in our mundane existence, realms concealed within the trees, and between the sheets. Where chaos reigns, and technicolour dreams sing true. And Cliterally is the story of that fairy tale, of how she found herself, found her own meaning and medicine and magic, and went on to become a somatic therapist, a sexologist, and some sort of artist. The main character of her own narrative. Just as you are the main character in your own world, and you have the power to create your own reality. Maybe you just need the reminder and the permission that you can. And believe me when I say I hope you do, because this world needs more humans living from their hearts. But it’s easier said than done right? So, if as you’ve been reading these words, and something has been stirring within you; maybe a realisation of the heavy that has been hanging off you, or a tingling lightness deep in your soul that says f*ck yes I do deserve more than this from my life, or the realisation that on the other side of your depths and your darkness and your void is where the magic resides within you – then welcome. It’s not just Eve and Aphrodite living here after all, Lilith is here too. And who wouldn’t want a fairy-floss coloured, glitter-covered, changeling child to help them navigate these worlds of magic and mundane, of darkness and technicolour dreams, an anchor within the void. A sweet and sassy, playful pixie that uses light-hearted humour and silliness to help you find your light and your joy. A gremlin goddess that is able to see and remind you of your beauty and of your power, both gently and simultaneously aggressively, and will not only ask, but demand that you stand in it. A feral and freaky, primal beastie that has no time for niceties or politeness and will instead push you over the edge and have you rolling and revelling and shaking your ass to the dirtiest of DnB. Cause you’ll get both, the bad bitch Cinderelly with ripped jeans, tattoos, and an attitude, as well as the sickly sweet with a dimple in her cheek baby girl. She can be sugar, and spice. Either way, whatever you are here for… we’re here for it. Because I was here for myself, because I became everything little me needed. Because my biggest challenges have become my biggest teachings, and when I was heart-broken and beyond repair, lying on the floor not knowing how to go on, I needed a reminder that there is just as much beauty in this world as there is pain. That living and dancing between the light and the dark is where the magic lives. That I was never too much or not enough, l just hadn’t found my own meaning yet, my own art, my own way. Maybe you feel like you don’t quite belong in this world either, maybe you too hail in the realms between dusk and dawn, not quite enough but also always too much. Maybe you’ve remembered that human existence has been documented for centuries through art. Through songs and dance and re-told through stories. Sex and beauty and the erotic have been a re-occurring theme throughout all of art, revered throughout history, with humans attempting to encapsulate its magic in a moment. Art and the erotic spans across time and across countries, attempting to connect to divinity, to understand this existence, from the goddesses and gods we have worshipped and adorned, from mythology to folklore, from biblical times and before times. But all these stories remind us – there is magic in this world and within us. That this world is not only our playground, but our church, a space of worship for the divinity within us, however that looks for you, whether he, she, they or fae. But it is also a re-telling of female pleasure, from a vulva-owners perspective, as female sexuality has been suppressed, shamed, and shunned for far too long. Use only for pornification or procreation, told it’s too much, too promiscuous, the femme fatal and the whore. Even within sex education, girls have been taught to safeguard themselves, to not be too easy, or asking for it, taught to carry their keys between their fingers as they walk, and not to scream rape but scream fire, because more people will come that way. While simultaneously boys are taught – boys will be boys. But I’m changing that narrative. Because we’re all human first and foremost and we have more similarities than we do differences. And a big part of the human experience is human relating - we are inherently social creatures. With the pinnacle of intimacy and connection and closeness often being considered to be sex. But all relationships are just as valid and just as important. Sexually inclined or not. Heterosexual or not. All relationships need time and energy given to them, need communication and attention, especially the relationship with yourself. However, does sex not also afford us one of the greatest opportunities to create art within ourselves and with others, that ecstatic type sex that people speak of, out of body, mind-altering, orgasmic bliss. And how can we access that sort of turn on if we aren’t even tuned on for ourselves or for our life. So - if you want more of that, more turn on, if you want more chaotic good energy injected into your life, then click about me to learn more about my mind, or head to my work to find out more about the type and style of work I weave.

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