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Bitch. Once a derogatory slur, it's a word we have reclaimed.

To me, it feels powerful. And so I named the patient-centred pillar of my work in tribute to that energy.

It's my belief that all humans are made up of a mind, body and a soul (but look, if we're getting real with it - we're all just animals). That Bitch Therapies encompasses this spirit, applying a mix of evidence and experience-based modalities that I have personally experienced benefits from.


Anyone can be That Bitch - it is not exclusive to gender identity or expression.


But embodying That Bitch looks and feels different for everyone. I work intuitively with clients - not to heal them, but to help them heal themselves. My gift is to show others the beauty in embracing their darkness and light to find their own favourite self, so they can be the main character in their personal story.


That Bitch Therapies is an exploration of the psychology and philosophy that is intricately intertwined with self and sexuality.  


It is a different type of therapy aimed at unraveling the full self, applying a holistic view that combines scientific and spiritual ideologies. Therapy mixed with education and embodiment intuitively designed to help you understand your own idea of sex and self. To find pleasure and play within the mundane, to embrace authenticity and unpack shame and conditioning society inflicts on us.


I offer an invitation to take up space in this world, and to create your own magic. So let's create a harem of wild-eyed bitches (female-identifying or not) wholly devoted unto themselves, to their pleasure and play (sexually-inclined or not) and downright bad-assery.


Somatic sexology

mind & body therapy

initial - $200 - 90 minutes

ongoing - $165 - 60 minutes

online only... for now



101 experiences & introductions

$111 - 60 minutes

kink, tantra, horses & healing 

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Hire me

hens nights, workshops, podcasts, etc.

Please reach out for more information on specialised bespoke services and prices

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Practical sexology 

Talk-based therapy

$165  - 60 minutes 

online only 


that bitch package

5 is my lucky no. after all

5 sessions - $750 

payment plans available 

online only 


Cliterally classroom

coming soon...



The scientific study of sex and sexuality. The psychology and biology of pleasure and well-being. The more mental and intellectual.


The felt aspect of sex. The soul-deep ecstatic, the ritualistic almost spiritualistic, and the shadows of sex. The emotional and soulful side.


The inner-knowing of sex. The individual multifaceted spectrum of experience. The mess of being human. The light and dark. The silly and serious. The playful. 

how i work: 

Currently all therapy sessions are held online until I create my in-person office space. To hear me speak and see my work in the real world please get in touch with how I may help you, or check out Creature Features for options to hire me for workshops, hens nights, shibari performances and any other desires you might have.
But there are three main energies I weave throughout my work, no matter how or where I am;

The mind, the intellectual, the science:
  • Person-centered and trauma-informed care
  • Queer, feminist, and social constructionist theory
  • Evolutionary biology, and positive, transpersonal, humanistic, and phenomenological psychology
  • Philosophical ideologies including optimistic nihilism, absurdism, and existentialism
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy & Acceptance and commitment therapy 
The heart, body, and soul; the emotional and spiritual:
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Equine assisted well-being
  • Embodiment and archetypes 
  • Dance/movement/play therapy
  • Energy and bodywork including tantric arts, reiki, inner child, and shadow work
The animal, instinctual, primal:
  • A secret third thing… something that can be neither thought nor felt - only known.
  • The fact that we are animals – warm-blooded mammals, with hair and complex brains
  • The fact that we are spirits, put into fleshy bodies, each here to have a human experience… a deeply and intrinsically individual experience
  • The fact that we are raw, and real, and messy multifaceted beautiful beings

That Bitch

why did i create that bitch therapies? 

It's the energy. Always. 

I believe that all humans are made up of a mind, body, and a soul (and that we're all just animals if we’re getting real with it). That Bitch Therapies encompasses and embodies that - they are the way I work, the modalities that helped me heal, they are the essence and the energy that everyone can hold if they so choose to tap into.


They are gender and identity nonexclusive… everyone can be That Bitch.


But That Bitch looks and feels different for everyone. And that is why I work so intuitively with people - not to heal them, but to help them heal themselves... to find their own favourite self, their own that bitch. Their own darkness and light. Their own multifaceted main character energy.

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