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What I do... I do things differently

You might be wondering what I actually do and how I work, and it's a valid question. So let's break it down.
I have three pillars of my business:
  • That Bitch Therapies
  • Cliterally
  • Creature Features
These pillars all speak to a different part of my personality, and how I can best serve patients and clients.
That Bitch Therapies is the best way to begin working with me. Ultimately, I do not believe traditional therapy is enough for most humans. There is absolutely a place for clinical settings, however most of us require a toolkit that covers the spectrum of our experience and how that can manifest in the body. Traditional therapies place a strong focus on the mind, but often don't acknowledge the ways emotion can be held in the body.
There is an intrinsic connection between the mind and body - as humans we are messy, feeling, thinking, speaking animals. I believe we need to address our well-being on multiple layers to be able to live our lives freely and authentically, to be wild and emotional and chaotic, as well as organised, structured and intellectual. To learn how to look for the glimmers as well as the triggers. To explore our desires as well as boundaries, our inherent silliness as well as our serious. It is in this polarity where we can find true self-acceptance.
And because no two people have the same needs, there are multiple different ways you can work with me. Through my own experience participating with and training in a range of modalities, I am able to intuitively pull from these areas of knowledge to see what works best for you.
Want to see for yourself? Book in now for 2024 sessions.
That Bitch Therapies offers two distinct adventures:
  • Practical sexology sessions - talk-based therapy covering a range of challenges and needs, focusing on the mind and mental processes
  • Somatic sexology sessions - a more fluid and holistic approach centring on the mind-body connection, combining talk therapy with body-based practices, such as breathing exercises, meditation, dance and bodywork
Cliterally is a creation of my own world, serving as an online diary and exploration of feminine pleasure, while Creature Features is where you can see me in the wild, or find resources and wisdom to help you delve into your own wild world.
All three pillars are ways in which I express and utilise my own teachings and modalities, to help people pursue their personal sense of pleasure, play and primal in all aspects of life. My hope is that the intersection of science, spiritual, and instinctual that can be found in my work will inspire others to live more freely and embrace the myriad facets of their own psyche - where the true magic resides.
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